Transportation Ministry

The Redeemer Lutheran Church Transportation Committee would like to announce that we have a new van that is available to get to church functions. If you are unable to drive or just simply need a ride please contact our Transportation Dispatch Coordinator; Dave Cornelius at (989) 627-3316 and or email by noon on Thursdays.

The Transportation Committee and Church Council feel very blessed that we can offer this ministry to our members and the people of the Shiawassee county area. We ask that you take advantage of this ministry. Invite a friend or two to worship with us, or go to Sunday school with you and we can help you by picking them up. It is just one way we are trying to help you, your family, your friends to get to church to hear the word of the Lord and Fellowship with other brothers and sisters of the Lord. We want to help you feel part of the church family by being able to get you here!

We do ask that if you are sending your children under 18 years of age, without a parent or legal guardian, please fill out the permission slip either before and/or when the driver picks up your children.

Thank you and enjoy your ride!