The Heavenly Force

Scripture Text: 2 Corinthians 3:5–11

The Spirit impresses Christ and his works upon the heart, making it a true book which does not consist in tracing mere letters and words, but in true life and action.

Faith Bears Fruit

Scripture Text: Matthew 7:15–20

Good works do not make one pious or good. One must first be good and pious at heart. The tree must first be there to bear the fruit.

Exercise Judgment

Scripture Text: Matthew 7:15

So much of what false teachers' have afflicted the church with in recent decades is easily overcome by exercising judgment through the Word.

Trusting God with the Future

Scripture Text: Mark 8:8

No one thinks of saving for posterity, but live as if they rejoice in destroying everything at once. Yet in all this destruction God will nevertheless help us.

God Will Take Care of You

Scripture Text: Mark 8:1–2

"All who faithfully cling to the Word of God will be fed by God; for that is the nature and power of faith, which flows alone out of the Word of God."

Eternal Delight

Scripture Text: Genesis 8:22

Our eternal life, attained through faith in Christ. will be to know God, delight in his wisdom, and enjoy the presence of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Worthy of Your Calling

Scripture Text: Ephesians 3:20–4:1

"The chief thing that should influence a Christian’s outward walk is the remembrance of his calling and appointment by God."

Led by the Spirit

Scripture Text: Romans 8:12–14

"To be 'led by the Spirit of God' means to be given a heart which gladly hears God’s Word and believes that in Christ it has grace and the forgiveness of sins."


Scripture Text: James 1:19–20

"It is natural for us to feel hurt when suffering, injustice, and violence attack becomes necessary to check and restrain the feelings of anger..."

The Sinful Conscience

Scripture Text: Luke 5:4–8

"Not until Peter considered himself unworthy did he become really worthy. Just because you are a sinful person you must the more trust in God."

Without Distinction

Scripture Text: Luke 6:35–36

"Christians must not seek their own, but look at all alike, whether friend or foe, as our heavenly Father does. Without such mercy, there is no true faith."

Bold Peace

Scripture Text: Philippians 4:6–7

"There is peace, strength and comfort in the heart, so that the heart cares for no evil, is really bolder and more joyful in its presence than in its absence."

The Majestic Command

Scripture Text: Genesis 6:21–22

Noah kept his eye on the majesty of him who gave the command. That was enough for him, even though the command seemed absurd or impossible.

Eat What Is in Front of You

Scripture Text: Genesis 6:21–22

God performs his miracles along the lines of natural law. Looking for bread from heaven, rather than by human means, tests God and is a sin.

A Constant Dying

Scripture Text: Romans 8:12–13

Christians have help and strength to resist and mortify sin. and must constantly put to death the flesh lest they be put to death by it.

Our Sufficiency

Scripture Text: 2 Corinthians 3:4–6

It is a glory that every preacher may be able to say with full confidence that he trusts God for teaching and preaching truly the Word of God.

Bless the Work of Our Hands

Scripture Text: Luke 5:4

Christ keeps aloof from lazy, unfaithful idlers who will not do as they have been commanded, and will not keep their hands and feet from straying.

On Being Useful

Scripture Text: Luke 5:4–10

Christ has not come to make you afraid, but to remove your sins and distress from you. “Fear not,” he speaks to your heart, and to the whole world.

The Curse of Humanity

Scripture Text: 1 Timothy 6:6–10

The curse of humanity is they shall never be satisfied and must endure heartache and everlasting destruction through the things they have coveted.

No Worries

Scripture Text: Luke 15:3–7

If you only remain under Christ's protection and lie still upon his shoulders, you need not be troubled about sin, death, or hell, for he defends you.

God Remembered

Scripture Text: Genesis 7:23–8:1

No life is so difficult as the life of faith, depending only upon the promises of God when the who world seems to say, "God has forgotten all about you."

Revelation of the Divine

Scripture Text: Romans 11:33–36

Scripture shows us that in God there are three persons — not three Gods or three kinds of divinity, but the same undivided, divine essence.

Our Neighbor's Honor

Scripture Text: Luke 15:1–5

We are to cover the shame of our neighbor with our own honor and piety, not cause wounds caused by gossip that we cannot heal.

Helping Sinners

Scripture Text: Luke 15:1–2

Luther writes that, "We should rebuke and deal with the sinner in earnest; yet we are not to despise but sincerely to love him."

The Humble Gospel

Scripture Text: 1 Corinthians 12:1–3

"The tongue of a minister — the language he employs — must be of that simplicity which preaches naught but Christ," and brings him the glory.

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