Speaking Forgiveness

Scripture Text: John 20:19–23

You have the power to speak the Word; whoever believes has forgiveness of sins. If they believe not, then what you speak avails nothing though it be God’s Word.

Serving One Lord

Scripture Text: Matthew 6:24–25

God would not have us be overanxious for our life, but labor and commend our anxiety to him, so, he does not allow us to have another Lord besides himself.

Tempting Christ

Scripture Text: 1 Corinthians 10:1–11

"The eternal Son of God was from the beginning with his church and with the people who received the promise of his coming in the form of man."

Our Only Help

Scripture Text: Luke 10:30–35

The man who lies half dead, wounded and stripped of his clothing, is all mankind. The Samaritan is our Lord Jesus Christ Cling to him, your only help.

Adhering to the Word

Scripture Text: Ephesians 3:1, 13

We must lay hold of the gospel in such a way that we may stand and say: “Not because a certain one taught, do I believe ... the doctrine itself is right."

We Are the Widow

Scripture Text: Luke 7:11–15

The widow's misfortune is portrayed here so that we might learn that with God nothing is impossible, whether it be misfortune, calamity, anger, or whatever.

The Righteousness of God

Scripture Text: Romans 3:19–24

Jesus freely gives me his life with all his works, so that I may appropriate them to myself as a possession that is my own but is bestowed upon me as a free gift.

Thy Will Be Done

Scripture Text: Matthew 22:34–39

"Human nature alone will never be able to accomplish what God requires in this commandment, namely, that we surrender our will to the will of God..."

The Firm Assurance of Faith

Scripture Text: Luke 7:11–15

The more misery and death are in us, the more richly we may find comfort and life in Christ Jesus, provided we hold fast to him by faith through his Word.

Suffering Life

Scripture Text: Romans 8:15b–18

What would all the riches and nobility of the world be compared with being named and chosen by God himself, called his son, the heir of exalted divine majesty?

The Anxious World

Scripture Text: Matthew 6:30–34

Christians need not waver, nor stake their affairs on that which is uncertain, vainly caring for the future, but at all times do that which is right.

First Things First

Scripture Text: Matthew 6:25–33

Do this for the honor of God and for your own benefit: strive after the great and eternal good. If you attain and keep this, the rest will surely take care of itself.

The Gracious Offer

Scripture Text: Luke 18:9–14

The preaching of the precious gospel offers God’s grace and mercy in Christ, which is offered to condemned sinners without any merit of their own.

The Sooner the Better

Scripture Text: Ephesians 4:26–27

if overcome by wrath and led to rashness, do not continue in it, do not harbor it, but subdue and restrain it, the sooner the better.

The Chief Good

Scripture Text: Luke 10:25–28

To love God with all the mind is to cleave to him who is our chief good, to do nothing against his will, to take nothing except what is pleasing to God.

The Sin Remover

Scripture Text: John 1:29

If you would be freed from your sins, do not chastise yourself with them, but seize Christ, the one who has taken your sins upon himself.

The House of God

Scripture Text: Luke 19:45–46

"Wherever God’s Word is preached, there is God’s own true house, there God most certainly dwells with his grace. Wherever his gospel is, there..."

Craving Riches

Scripture Text: 1 Timothy 6:10

Love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. Through this craving some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.

The Bold Faith of Lepers

Scripture Text: Luke 17:11–13

The lepers went boldly to meet Jesus, certain that he could heal them. Standing in firmness and sincerity against doubt, they confidently prayed.

The Consolation of Faith

Scripture Text: Romans 8:12–17

You need no longer be afraid of condemnation because of your unworthiness for you have the consolation of faith, the assurance of grace.

Trusting the Gospel

Scripture Text: Mark 7:31–35

Faith grows out of the Word of God, producing the good fruit of love and mercy and all manner of godly care for one's neighbor.

Faithful Suffering

Scripture Text: 1 Peter 5:6–10

"It assuages and comforts the sufferer beyond measure to know that he does not suffer alone, but with a great multitude."

That Which Makes for Peace

Scripture Text: Luke 19:41–42

God has opened the treasures of his holy gospel to us, so we may learn his will. Will we believe and know peace or disbelieve and suffer wrath?

Nothing More

Scripture Text: Luke 17:3–5

"We should therefore despair of ourselves and pray to God for faith as the apostles did. When we have faith we need nothing more..."

Evident Faith

Scripture Text: Matthew 7:21

Once we have been baptized into Christ and believe, his will is that we should then live accordingly, obeying God and doing what is commanded.

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