Michigan Disaster Response Warehouse

Notice to all of Shiawassee and counties around us: Shiawassee County is is now home to Michigan Disaster Response Warehouse on north M-52 for the Michigan District Regional North American Lutheran Church Disaster Relief Warehouse. This new structure houses emergency supplies that will be used to enable local congregations and community to bring the love of Jesus effectively and efficiently to their communities when disaster strikes. As NALC Michigan Disaster Response, we turn chaos into compassion, assisting families to find their “new normal” in times of disaster. Redeemer Lutheran Church, NALC, is serving as host and home to the new 30 foot by 30-foot warehouse that has been built on church property. This will just be the newest site of what is hoped to be many sites across the United States and Canada. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the North American Lutheran Church Disaster Relief Teams have responded to disasters all over the United States: Newman, GA tornado disaster; Texas Polar Vortex disaster; California wildfires; Iowa derecho; hurricanes in North Carolina, Florida, and Texas; as well as the bursting of the dams in the Midland/Sanford areas. These are just a few examples of those families and communities that have been served. The need is real, and the closer supplies can be in regions across the country, the faster NALC Disaster Response teams will be able to work with first responders, community leaders, and community members and volunteers in addressing any emergency that arises. We are looking for community support in helping in loading and unloading trucks with supplies, along with delivering supplies to those in need during a disaster. We are looking for volunteers with trucks and trailers to be loaded and delivered to areas of disasters within Michigan. If you or your organization, or group wish to be part of this community service. Please complete the volunteer enrollment form below and return to: Redeemer Lutheran Church, 2510 N. M52, Owosso, MI 48867 - or go to our Web site and sign up: www.redemeerowosso.com or Email: office@redeemerowosso.com